How This Works – Citizen Therapists for Democracy

How The Organization Works

Citizen Therapists for Democracy is currently operated as a non-profit division of The Doherty Relationship Institute, a father-daughter LLC owned by William Doherty and Elizabeth Doherty Thomas. All “profits” will be put back into the organization, and Bill Doherty will not draw a salary. He has up-fronted the start-up costs for the organization, and if membership enrollment looks promising, he will personally guarantee the first year salary for a half-time non-profit-type executive director to grow the organization, connect with members, and handle media relationships.

Over time the plan is to transition to a traditional 501 C3 non-profit with a board of directors. We did not see this as an immediately feasible step because of the time urgency after Trump’s election (we wanted to launch by January 20 to garner momentum) and the need for a prompt influx of funding to get the organization off the ground.

In the meantime, there will financial transparency through reports in the members area.