Manifesto – Citizen Therapists for Democracy
Citizen Therapists Against Trumpism Manifesto Signers (now closed)

Citizen Therapists Against Trumpism Manifesto Signers (now closed)

A Public Manifesto

Citizen Therapists Against Trumpism

As psychotherapists practicing in the United States, we are alarmed by the rise of the ideology of Trumpism, which we see as a threat to the well-being of the people we care for and to American democracy itself. We cannot remain silent as we witness the rise of an American form of fascism. We can leverage this time of crisis to deepen our commitment to American democracy.

What is Trumpism?

Trumpism is an ideology, not an individual, and it may well endure and grow after the Presidential election even if Donald Trump is defeated. (Variants can be seen all over Europe.) Trumpism is a set of ideas about public life and a set of public practices characterized by:

  • Scapegoating and banishing groups of people who are seen as threats, including immigrants and religious minorities.
  • Degrading, ridiculing, and demeaning rivals and critics.
  • Fostering a cult of the Strong Man who:
    • Appeals to fear and anger
    • Promises to solve our problems if we just trust in him
    • Reinvents history and has little concern for truth
    • Never apologizes or admits mistakes of consequence
    • Sees no need for rational persuasion
    • Subordinates women while claiming to idealize them
    • Disdains public institutions like the courts when they are not subservient
    • Champions national power over international law and respect for other nations
    • Incites and excuses public violence by supporters

At the political level, Trumpism is an emerging form of American fascism, a point being made by social critics across the political spectrum, including Robert Reich, Robert Kagan, and Andrew Sullivan. As journalist Adam Gopnik points out, whether or not the term “fascism” fully fits, it’s clear that the American republic faces a clear and present danger when the candidate of a major political party embraces an anti-democratic ideology. At the cultural level, the Urban Dictionary has defined Trumpism as “the belief system that encourages pretentious, narcissistic behavior as a way to achieve money, fame, and power.”

What are the Effects of Trumpism?

  1. Fear and alienation among scapegoated groups, beginning with Latino immigrants and Muslims, and then other groups who become identified as threats
  2. Exaggerated masculinity as a cultural ideal, with particular influence on young people and economically insecure men
  3. Coarsening of public life by personal attacks on those who disagree
  4. Erosion of the American democratic tradition which has emphasized the agency of we-the-people instead of the Strong Man tradition of power

Where Did Trumpism Come From?

This question is bigger than Donald Trump. The next public figure to capture the wave of Trumpism may be less clownish and have a better set of movement-building skills, and thus be even more dangerous. Following is a partial list of forces that underlie Trumpism:

  • Economic insecurity, particularly among working-class Americans
  • The threat of terrorism since 9/11
  • Fear of immigrants (related to economic insecurity and threats of terrorism)
  • Distrust for government and politicians at a time of polarized gridlock
  • Growing distrust for other institutions such as religion, the press, and the courts
  • Rapid cultural change that has left many people confused and alienated

Why Therapists Must Speak Out

We must speak out for the well-being of people we treat and care for in our work. Trumpism will undermine the emotional health of those seen as the “other” in America—both historically denigrated groups and those whose turn will come. And it will compromise the integrity of those who are seduced by the illusion that real Americans can only become winners if others become losers. The public rhetoric of Trumpism normalizes what therapists work against in our work: the tendency to blame others in our lives for our personal fears and insecurities and then battle these others instead of taking the healthier but more difficult path of self-awareness and self-responsibility. It also normalizes a kind of hyper-masculinity that is antithetical to the examined life and healthy relationships that psychotherapy helps people achieve. Simply stated, Trumpism is inconsistent with emotionally healthy living—and we have to say so publicly.

We must speak out for the well-being of our democracy, which is both a way of living and acting together and a set of political institutions. Therapists have taken for granted how our work relies on a democratic tradition that gives people a sense of personal agency to create new narratives and take personal and collective responsibility for themselves, their families, and their communities. Reliance on a Strong Man who will solve our problems and deal with internal and external enemies is a direct threat to the democratic basis of psychotherapy. Therapy only flourishes on democratic soil.

Why speak collectively? Our responses thus far have been primarily personal—and too often confined to arm-chair diagnoses of Donald Trump. But a collective crisis faces our nation, a harkening back to the economic depression and demoralization of the 1930s (which fed European fascism) and the upheaval over Jim Crow and Black civil rights in the 1950s. Fortunately, the resolution of these crises led to a deepening of American democracy, not the abandonment of it. Martin Luther King, influenced by his mentor Bayard Rustin and by theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, didn’t just critique unjust systems from the outside. He called for strategic, collective work to take back an American democracy that belongs to all the people. As therapists, we have been entrusted by society with collective responsibility in the arena of mental, behavioral, and relational health. When there is a public threat to our domain of responsibility we must speak out together, not just to protest but to deepen our commitment to a just society and a democratic way of life. This means being citizen therapists who are concerned with community well-being as much as personal well-being, since the two are inextricably joined.

Where We Stand as Citizen Therapists

We understand the draw of Trumpism and we acknowledge that some of our fellow citizens, and some of our clients, voted for Donald Trump not because they embrace all aspects of Trumpism but because they are frustrated with their circumstances and fed up with the current political system. We are against Trumpism and its architects, not against those who are inclined to give it a chance to change the direction of the country.

But we reject the false equivalence of saying that because there is dishonesty and demagoguery on all political sides, why not support someone from the outside? Trumpism is qualitatively different. To repeat: Trumpism undermines the core of American democracy by promoting the idea of a single leader who will bring greatness to the nation by battling Those People. Democracy requires personal and collective agency so that we can work together across differences to solve problems and develop a shared way of life. Psychotherapists must be firmly on the side of democracy and work in solidarity with groups directly threatened by current and future versions of Trumpism. This work does not end with the election. The wake-up call has been received. Our first response is this manifesto. More to follow.

Therefore, as citizen therapists we stand united against the dangerous ideology of Trumpism, and we encourage others to join us in a deepened commitment to a democratic way of life that engages the talents, yearnings, and capacities of all the people.


William Doherty

David Burns

Julie Gottman

​Michael Kerr

Barry McCarthy

Mary Pipher

Michelle Weiner-Davis

Brent Atkinson

Jon Carlson​

Kenneth Hardy

Kitty LaPerriere

Salvador Minuchin​​

Terry Real

Scott Wooley

Ruth Buczynski

John Gottman

Sue Johnson

Harriet Lerner​

Bill O'Hanlon

Richard Schwartz

Jeff Zeig


Greg Baker 

Sandy Halperin

Linda M Stockstill

Robert Birch

Angel Jernigan

Nancy Thomas

Sheila Calhoun

Lee Keyes

Cynthia Wilson

Lynne Clifton

Susan Lamb Walker

David Goldberg

Susan Riser


Heidi Barnwell

Nadene Reichert

Eula Crippen

Ann Turner Olson

Mercy Dennis

Robert Wald

Carol Diehl

Sally Goble


Christine Bates

Donicka Budd

Margaret Friedman

Sandy Jardine

Scot Liepack

Sharon O'Connor

Rhonda Sherrill-Baugh

Betsy Van Tuinen

Susan Blesch

Kelly Darger

Theresa Galler

Gilbert Jew

C.R. Macchi

Linda Roemet

Aleksandra Slaski

Deborah Webster

Mitch Boykan

Jane Davis

Debra Gion

Robert Kafes

Carol Maurer

Christine Sanchez

Rebecca Smith

Christopher Wiegand

Fred Bracken

Nicholas De Los Reyes

Sharon Goettel

Jeri Kramer

Marcia McMurtrey

Emily Saunders

Lora Smitham

Barbara Brody

Judy Fishman

Dee Gray

Norma Leslie

Craig Mills

Laura Schulz

Ilyssa Swartout


Richard Barrett

Amber Jackson

Sharon Stevens

Cassandra Dominick

Angie Leek

Judy Tiesel-Jensen

Patricia Heck

Dustin Morrow

Becky Whetstone Cheairs

Mary Henry

Robert Schafer

Aneeqa Ishtiaq

Sara Slimp


Seamus Macauley

Damien Raczy





Rachel B Aarons

Antonia Marina Aguilar

Umeko Allen

Judith Z. Anderson

Christine Armstrong

Timothy Baima

Robert Bannister

Annette Bartolina

Cindy Beckley

Kristina Bernal

Heather Blessing

Rodney Boone

Kate Boswell

Jonathan Brady

Mikki Broughton

Debra Brunsten

Eugenia Buerklin

Beverly Burch

Katheren Caldwell

Theresa Carpinito

Rosa Cerutti

Andrew Christensen

Mary Kay Cocharo

Lori Collins

Jules Confino

Espen Correll

Philip Cowan

Claudia Crawford

Ria Danial

Jeanine Davis Guarente

Claire-Elizabeth DeSophia

Melissa DiGirolamo

Marylou Donnelly

Eve Eden

Matthew Elvey

Richard Ettelson

Ema Feens

Judith Firestone

Tammy Fletcher

Michelle Fortunado-Kewin

Anita Frankel

Roxanne Fuller

Michelle Gannon

Marilyn N. Gaynes

Gary Glickman 

Irene Goldenberg

Linda Goldstein

Rachel Goodman

Sharon Grable

Ruth Greenberg

Ethan Grumbach

Loren Hadassah

Susanne Haman

Deborah Harkin

Jerry Harris

Wendy Heffner

Deborah Hertzler-Walters

Marianne Hirsch

Pamela Hollings

Barbara Horton

Carolina Huete-Lehman

Gino Inesi

Tamar Jacobs

Kathy Jarosz

Shemena Johnson

Les Kadis

Ferhan Kantarcıoğlu

Jessica Katzman

Steven Kessler

Jayla Klein

Nancie Kohlenberger

Richard Kravetz

Zoe Kunstenaar

Sonal S Ladva

Carrie Langenbach

Francine Lapides

Ellen Ledley

Sam Leong

Lydia Lewis

Sandra Lightner

Phil Littman

Carol Lopez

Robert Lundquist

Alice Lynn

Nicholas Malone

Lauren Mari-Navarro

Martha-Adilene Martinez

Jim Matto-Shepard

Ruth McClendon

Julia McDonnell

Mary McManus

Jennifer Meewis

Molly Merson

Ali Miller

Mavernie V Mitchell

Daniel Moody

Jonathan Moss

Norma Myers

Vince Nevins

Michelle Nguyen

Noah Oderberg

Linda Paoli

Ranjan Patel

Adele Pearlstein

Tiziana Perinotti

Kris Picklesimer

Caron Post

Gayle Poynter

Nigel Psycho

Lisa Rakusin

Jane Reynolds

AnnMarie Rise

Maria Rodriguez- Roa

Barbara Rosen

Avia Rotlevy

Bart Rubin

Alana Samson

Hiroshi Sasaki

Samantha Schlossman

Judith Seehafer

Vickie Settle

Erika Shershun

Stacey Shuster

Linda Silver

Lily Sloane

John Juno Song

Louisa Squires

David Steele

Jeanne Strauss

Barbara Swenson

Diana Teich

Kim Than

Brian Tierney

Rita Townsend

Marcia Van Dyke

Tinaz Vevaina

Mary Watkins

Nora Webb

Arlene Weissman

Elaine Westendorf

Jason Wildman

Carol Winetsky

Sue Wong

Joanne Yeaton

Jennifer Young

Nick Zirpolo

Pamela Aasen

Susan Aiken

Deborah Allen

Mary Andres

Sheida Ashley

Jean Baker

Judith Barlas

Connie Batten

Helene Beddingfield

Anne Bernstein

Eva Blodgett

Lori Borofka

Meryl Botkin

Sonya Brewer

Monica Brown

Chevaisa Bruzzone

Steven Bulcroft

Keely Burke

Peter Canavan

Kirsten Carraway

Stephanie Chen

Darryl Christian

Ray Cochran

Sara Collins

Patricia Conn

Peter Coster

Sandra Cox

Barbara Crofford

Nicole D.W

Jacqueline Danielson

Caroline de Pottel

Amanda di Bartolomeo

Janet DiSanto

Ben Dover

Chelsea Edgecumbe

Kathleen Engelberg

Celia Falicov

Penny Fellbrich

Jan L Fisher

Julia Flood

Caroll Fowler

Mary Franz

Mark Furnari

Lucy Garcia

Frederique Georges

Karen Godfredsen

Roberta Goldfarb

Gina Gonzalezreyna

Lori Gortner

Lisa Graff-Marsh

Lorri Greene

James Guay

Siri Hadland

Barbars Hamilton

Sarah Harkness

Claudia Hartke

Cynthia Heier

Julie Hey

Barbara Hoffman

Dennis Hollingsworth

Gretchen Hoskins

Phern Hunt

Ernest Isaacs

Lee Jaffe

Marilyn Jean

Susan Johnson

Patricia Kaiser

Christina Kantzavelos

Karen Kaufman

Stephanie Kim

Gilbert Kliman

Zora L. Kolkey

Lindsey Kremmel

Catherine Kvikstad

Biviana Lagunas

Ann Langley

Aline LaPierre

Mari Lee

David Levi

Tim Lewis

Sandra Lillie

Julie Liukkonen

Frances Love

Martha Lunney

Pauline Lytle

Ilene Malt

Elizabeth Marinelli

Renee Masotti

Kathryn Maxwell

Maureen McConaghy

Marla McFadin

Shirley McNeal

Mari Meier

Daniel Metevier

Catherine Miller

Alicia Mittleman

Jeongmi Moon

Joelle Mourad Mitchel

John Neal

Bryan Newman

Hien Nguyen

Kristine Olivas

Daniela Paolone

Shawn Patrick

Barbi Pecenco

Margaret Perlstein

Julia Pinsky

Carol Potter

Maria Pozo Humphreys

Stephen Purcell

Amanda Rebel

Neil Ribner

John Rivera

Cheryl Roman

Janis Rosenberg

Kaye-Ailsa Rowan

Maneesh Sa

Tina Sandoval-Dyer

Jennifer Saunders

Errol Schubot

Shannon Seeley

Wowlvenn Seward-Katzmiller

Michael Shiffman

Lawrence Shweky

Jennifer Silverstein

Karen Smillie

Dena Sorbo

Annika Sridharan

Roberta Stern

Chelsea Swall

Katherine Tarnoff

Shirley Telep

Douglas Thomas

Monika Tippie

Alice Treves

Doreen Van Leeuwen

Carolyn Vitale

Walt Watman

Wilfred Weeks Jr

Laura Weissman

Canon Western

Landry Wildwind

Rachelle Wisdom-Lazar

Ania Ananda Wood

Jessica Yo

Ellie Zacks

Melinda Aaskov

Margie Albers

Jennifer Allen

Mary Andrews-Dalbey

Marianne Ault-Riche

Aida Baker

Larry Barnum

John Beauchamp

Diana Benjamin

Mary Binkert

Krystle Bloom

Sharon Bosley

Maxine Bowden

Jackie Brookman

Lori Brown

Karen Bryan

Kathryn Bullick

Bill Burmester

Ezequiel Candelario

Catherine Cassel

Jessica ChenFeng

Philip Classen

Katie Cofer

Mary Alice Collins

Sean Cook

Carolyn Costin

Laura Crabb

Joel Crohn

Citizen Dahlia

Anna Dasbach

Rosy De Prado

Dino Di Donato

Joan Dittrich

Myles Downes

Alisa Eisenberg

Jill Eskenazi

Gilla Family

Charlotte Ferrin

Linda Fisherman

Julianne Flora-Tostado

Jim Fox

Carol Fred

Linda Galdieri

Nicole Gardner

Carolyn Gerard

Ann Godwin

Lorrie Goldin

Jordan Good

Anne Goshen

Melissa Granchi

Jozeffa Greer

Mary Guillermin

Tamara Hagy

Supatra Hanna

Robin Harpster

Linda Hatch

ML Heller

Jomary Hilliard

Marcia Hoffmann

Jamie Hollomon

Charlie Houston

Krista Hutchens

Patricia Jabuka

Nancy James

Berget Jelane

Naveen Jonathan

Ruth Kalb

Laila Karme

Ralph Kaywin

Colleen King

Karl Knobler

Keely Kolmes

Robert Krikourian

Julie Kyker

Roger Lake

Nancy Langley

Janet Latoures

Evelyn Lee

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Traci Lowenthal

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G. Claire Roberts

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Shelley Diamond

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Sharona Stone

Jeanine Ten Broeck

Janelle Washburne


Evelyn A. Benoit

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Ellen Nasper

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Steve Eichel

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Lisa Savage



Lisa Ades

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Michael Radkowsky

Karen Schachter

Jocylynn Stephenson



Alannah B

Elizabeth Bonet

Susan Crater

Lorraine Edey

Gary Forrest

Betty Havey

Stacye Jowers

Anita Klingenberg

Martha Lisa

Alexis Maestre-Saborit

Anne Morollo

Allison Nichol

Jimmy Pickett

Judith Sachs

Geraldine Schwalb

Linda Sherby

Laura Spillis

Leslie Termer

Blake Williamson

Maureen Ake

Helen Banta

Diana Brady

Carol Crow

Nancy Fink

Rebecca Frye

Deborah Hecker

Florence Kaslow

Melissa Lee-Tammeus

Seth Lobdell

Gail Margoshes

Jacqueline Mulanax

Debbe Noonan

James Porter

Leslie Sahler

Stephanie Scott

Ellen Sherman

Heather Stambaugh

Darlene Treese

Kristian Wilson

Margaret Andem

Lisa Barzel

Renee Cherowitz

Beth DiGuiseppi

Brandi Fliegelman

Carolina Gaviria

Cynthia Herzog

Sarah Kelava

Robin Leigh

Richard Loebl

Stephanie McNeal-Brown

Trent E. Murray

Valarie Olsen

Wendy Rapaport

Irene Savarese

Joan Scully

John Shwed

Caroline Stanhope

Cristobalina Velasquez

Laura Zipris

Martha Aserinsky

Alicia Bashian

C. Delene Cole

Paul Eastman

Cassandra Floyd

David Giffin

David Hubbard

Katherine Kerr

Susan Levin

Judith Logue

Ronald Mendoza

Margarita Mustelier

Amanda Patterson

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Ronald Schenberg

Elliot Shamis

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Barry Kirshner

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Barbara Lurie

Gloria Montes

Bobbi Newman

Sally B Philips

Michael S. Rhodes

Daphne Schuster

Tedder Sharon

Diane Sollee

Timothy Tedder

Michelle Weiler


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Kelly Case-Simonson

Arlene DeRienzo

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Stephanie Cook

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Marian Miller

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Steven Pollard


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William Percy

Julie Gramer

Gemma Utting

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Alexandra Solomon

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Phoebe Buffet

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Kathy Entrup

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Kathleen Kmitta

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Sydney Ray

Katherine Wellington


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Kate Rylander


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Amy Marcotte

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Liz Wiesen

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Duncan Newcomer

Sharon Smith


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Frederick Brewster

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Kelli Cronin

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Hannah Gould

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Cynthia Gower

Bernard Guerney

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Claudine Sherwood

Tammy spengler

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Rachel Singer

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Cynthia Swan

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Victoria Bailey

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Rosa Aurora Chavez

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Risa Ganel

Juliet Goozh

Lynn Grodzki

Julie Hanson

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Marissa Keilson

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Adrienne Londeree

Martha Montgomery

Stephanie Peer

Laura Reagan

Lisa Schlesinger

Robin Smith

Laura Steensen

Ellen Talles

Richard Waugaman

Randi Wortman

Laura Ballard

Katrina Boverman

Douglas A. Chavis

Carol Corcoran

Robert J Evert 

John Gartner

Linda Gordon

Herbert Gross

Peggy Heller

Raymond S Hoffman

Leslie Kent

Leigh Leslie

Jennifer Mansir

Mary Moore

Nancy Pendery

Elizabeth Robinson

Robert Scuka

Donald Soeken

Joann Stern

Mollie Thorn

Sealani Weiner

Lucy Zabarenko


Richard Aberman

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Norbert Belliveau

Jo Ellen Boskind

Madeline Brodt

Julie Buchinski

Gail Charpentier

Jennifer Currant

Fran Davis

Ann Drouilhet

Saxon Elliott

Sharon Fitzgerald

Brenda Fraser

Karen Frykholm

David Geltman

Neil Glickman

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Luanne Grossman

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Lennie Kleinberg

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Barbara Miller

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Dana Oshiro

Nancy Pelmas

Laurence Posner

Vicki Putz

Marjorie Roberts

Rachael Rosner

Joanie Schaffner

Bruce Shackleton

Blair Smith

Kenneth Strauss

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Kim Tompkins

Robin Weingarten

Aimee Yermish

Sherry Zitter

Frances Adams

Gonzalo Bacigalupe

Rachel Benson Monroe

John Brelsford

Jane Brodwyn

Tina Buchs

Deborah Choate

Matthew Czaplinski

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Jaclin Gerstel-Friedman

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Shelly Gottsegen

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Lauren Harris

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Peg Hurley-Dawson

Deborah Kahn

Ayelet Katzelnik

Jodie Kliman

Peggy Kriss

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C.G. Lovett

Janet Mazziotti

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Dr. Peter Swartz

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Steven Weinstein

Rothlyn Zahourek

Elizabeth Zoob

Cheryl A Alexander

Stephanie Baird

Hannah S. Berenson

Elizabeth Brenner

Miriam Bronstein

Elizabeth Buckley

Barbara Coleman

Susan Czernicka

Nancy Devor

Alison Dyer

Laurie Estey

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Melysa Friedman

Lilly Gaev

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Sabrina Herman

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Barbara Saltzstein

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Charles Verge Ph.D.

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Becky Carroll

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Diana Dill

Joel Eichler

Pamela Fantini

Keren Pomp Fortier

Gail Fries

PBarnaby Gee

Evelyn Gladu

Rachelle Goldberg

Kimberly Griffith

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Cheryl Izen

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Jennifer Wade

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Stephanie Zemon

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Maureen Cary

Eleanor Corcoran

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Amy Horowitz

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Julide Lauck

Pamela Lee

Sarah Levy

Abigail Loewenstein

Tracy MacNab

Eileen McGranahan

Shel Miller

Janet Noonan

Miriam Oppenheimer

Madeline Pearlmutter

Stuart Pizer

Kathryn Proulx

Hiram Rivera-Mercado

Joel Rosen

Suzanne Saven

Phebe Sessions

Lakshmi Sirois

Sara Stotzer 

Amy Taylor

Susan Tohn

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Edward Yeats

Paula Zerfoss


Mary L. Adams

Sidney Berkowitz

Nancy G. Cap

Ronda Diegel

Ross Flynn

Sue Goss

Lynn Hartung

Pamela Jennings

Carol Levin

Sally Mason

Christine Muska

Laurie Orlando

Ann Pearlman

Kristen Qualls

Robert L Sain

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Harper West

Wendy Appleton

Kristy Blackmer

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Marcia McEvoy Madden

Cheryl Noble

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Traci Perg

Lori Reineke

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Diane Wiersma

Jag Arora

Thomas Blume

Ellen Chute

Kyle Duquette

Jennifer Gallagher

Karen Hague

Craig Hexham

Jill Kimball

Patrick Loughlin

Barbara McIntyre

Jonathon Novello

Irene Oudyk-Suk

Lori Perpich

Nancy Rodda

Mark Smaller

Gail van Langen

Peter Wood

Judy Baldridge

L.A.W. Brakel

Anne Clevering

Lori Edelson

David Glenn

Lynn Halper Rosen

Laura Hinkley

Deborah Kobayashi

Arthur Luz

Susan Meade

Kerry Kelly Novick

Emily P

Victor Petrella

Marc Rosen

Merry Stanford

Cathy Vanderploeg

Thea Woodnorth

Robin Bell

Betty Bushey

Susan E. Cutler

Lena Ehrlich

Starr Golembiewski

Sarah Harrier

Barbara Horcha

Mary Kosmalski

Heather MacKenzie

Susan Murray

Jennifer ONeill

Ruben Parra

Kathy Prevost

Lauri Rowe

Mark Steenwyk

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Hillary Wright


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Peyton Baggott

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Terri Bly

Diane Brady-Leighton

Janelle Carle

Barbara Chamberlin

Tamera Churchill

Sarah Crabtree

Renee Divine

Joan Mayer Duke

Barb Erickson

Jolaina Falkenstein

Kathleen Flanagan

Peter Freeman

Anne Gearity

Jana Goodermont

Stacy Rankin Greco

Sarah Gross

Heather Guttormson

Gail Hartman

Brittany Hedberg

Patrick Higgins 

Lynda Iglesia

Kristin Jones

April Kaisen

John Koester

Rachel Laidlaw

Kent Lehnen

Jil Leverone

Chad Lorenz

Maureen Maslinski

Corrina McCarron

Jill Meyer

Kara Mireles

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Jean Naymark

Nicholas Newstrom

Alycia Novotny

Martha Osterberg

Laura Pawlik

Krista Post

Kimberly Roberts

Annette Ruedenberg

Jebediah Sawyer

Susan Schultz

Richard Sethre

Deborah Simmons

Bernie Slutsky

Shannon Staiger

Farren Swanson

Dodi Thorman

Tammy Tucker

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Jacquelyn Wiersma

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Theresa Benoit

Sara Bidler

Carrie Borchardt

Kristi Brown

Cara Carlson

Richard Chandler

Mary Clark

Cynthia Crandall

Elizabeth Doherty Thomas

Susan M Eckfeldt

Julie Eschenlauer

Kathleen Fargione

Mark Flaten

John Friel

Helen Gilbert

Dean Gorall

Alyssa Greene

Mary Grosscup

Kelly Haase

Brenda Hartman

Richard Heinrich

Erin Hoffman

Dorothee Ischler

Ellie Jones

Tamara Kaiser

Nita Kordonowy

Ashley Landers

Tara Lemke Ebenhoch

Kirsten Lind Seal

Priscilla MacDougall

Saprina Matheny

Kevin McGrew

Brier Miller

Marissa Mitchell

Hilary Mueller

Theresa Nelson

Linda Nielsen

Sarah Nowak

Louise Ouradnik

Porsche Peak

George Realmuto

Michael Robin

Laura Russell

Marinda Schader

Kayla Scott

Meredith Severson

Annie M Simmons

Ariel Smelter

Brittany Steer

Kate Swanson

Kandee Timmerman

Donald Uhlhorn

Kyle Vlach

David Wark

Sonja Wildwood

Corey Yeager

Tanner Zimmerman

Erika Arnold-McEwan

Scott Bartell

Elizabeth Benson

Kathleen Bischel Beddow

Pauline Boss

Linda Buchs-Hammonds

Danielle Carlson

Adam Chase

Emily Coisman

Lorie Crandall

Katie Dolinsky

Josh Eiberg

LynAnne Evenson

Ian Felton

Robert Floren

Margaret Fulton

Tom Glaser

Nancy Gossars

Thomas Greenspon

Sharon Grostephan

Kristi Hall

Calvin Hauer

Annemarie herrlich

Chantelle Hoogland

Arianne Johnston

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Terri Karis

Seneca Krueger

Sarah Lantz

Richard D Lent

Pamela Lipe

Shelly Malone

Beth Matthews

Shauna Mecartea

Linda Miller

Shane Moe

Emily Murphrey

Krista Nelson

Laura Niewald

Mariah O'Brien

Louise Page

Michelle Peterson

Aaron Ridge

Geraldine Rockett

Clayton Sankey

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Renee Segal

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Hallie Snyder

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Liz Gamble Taylor

Michele Tinetti

Damir Utrzan

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Stephanie Burcusa

Karin Carvre-Regan

Patricia Choate

Jennifer Jo Connor

Laurie Curtis

Patrick Dougherty

Dorothy Elion

Jessie Everts

Sheba Fernnadez

Charlene Forcier

Mary Gales

Elisabeth Gliddon

Irving Gottesman

Barbara Greenspon

Joel Grostephan

Nancie Hamlett

Jane Hawley

Heather Hessel

Benjamin Hoogland

Cathy Johnston

Sandra Kacher

Teresa Kleinschmidt

Rochelle Kruszka

Noel Larson

Joan Lentz

Brad Lohrbach

Maya Marshall

Amy-Ann Mayberg

Christopher Mehus

Rachel Miller Jacobsen

Julia Moen

Marco Murrieta

James Nelson

Bonnie Norsted

Tracy Ogren

Jennifer Paige

Rebecca Pihl

Kathryn Ringham

Linda Rodgers

Betsy Sansby

Catherine Schilling

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David Shannon

Casey Skeide

Victoria Speake

Jill Strunk

Sheri Tesch

Jeanette Truchsess

Linda Valerian

Lucas Volini

Laurie Wevers

Christophre Wlaschin

Sasha Zagoloff

Kyle Zrenchik

Carol Ashwood

Megan Bearce

Barbara Berger

Julie Blaske

Signe Bradee

Maureen Campion

Linnea Cebelinski

Michael Chovanec

Clayton Cook

Kara Derner

Brandon Scott Dugan

Eloise Erasmus

Erica Falconer

Kimberly Finch

Kyja Foster-DeZurik

Meredith Gantner

Mary Louise Gooch

Lisa Gray

Tabitha Grier-Reed

Rachel Gustin

Steven Harris

Greg Heberlein

Kathy Heuser

David Horstmann

Sue Johnston

Andrew Kaehr

Jennifer Knapp

Mark LaChapelle

Jane Legwold

Mitchell Leppicello

Katia Lopez Petrovich

Denise Marvinney

Caroline McCard

Tai Mendenhall

Bruce Minor

Anna Morgan

Sarah Najafalipour

John Newman

Mia Nosanow

Ashley Orchard

Lisa Patton

Cristina Plaza Ruiz

Jennifer Rives

Richard Rodgers

Ellen Saul

Laurie Schlosser

Chris Servaty

Leatrice Sherer

Rachel Slater

Ruth Spiegel

Amie Summers

Michael Thomas

Stephanie Trudeau

Ryan Van Wyk

Jeff Walter

Wendy Whelihan

Dave Wood

Samantha Zaid


Leslie Dougherty

John Holden

Carrie Pate




Janice Beckert

Lori Curtis

Rachel Glass

Brian Heydon

Art Maines

Richard Rash

John Thekkedam

Casey Britt

Lynn Duffield

Judy Goedeker-Sulz

Margaret Howard

Jack Mehoff

Brittany Robinson

Frances Totta

Phoebe Cirio

Carrie Dunning

Mary Hargrave

Jessica Johnson

Yuima Mizutani

Tiffany Sidney

Laurie Ward

Robert Cox

Nancy Ellis-Ordway

Stephanie Hedgecock

Linda Kramer

Mary Ann Moore

Michael Stanfield

Sonya Williams

Catherine Coyle

Kevin Ferris

Katie Heiden-Rootes

Brenda Lunnie-Jobe

Terri Morr-Jones

Ciloue Stewart


Tom Ferro

David Rigo

Michele Hirsch

Mary Sand

Cindy Leavitt

Jana Staton

Heather Nitz

Vasiliki Zafiridou

Seth Quackenbush


Fatima Al-Sibai

Kathy Dombrowski

Kay Konz

Yeshim Oz

Ardyce Schoonover

Anne Barker

Mary Grigsby

Jim Lundberg

Regina Packard

Jean Stuto

Steven Boman

Carrie Hanson

Lisa Merrifield

Tracy Phillips

Lesley Turner

LauraLee Clinchard

Elaine Hoem

P Moon

Mary Pipher

Steven Westby

Barb Detlefsen

Kani Ilangovan

Renee Otto-Berglund

Christine Schadler

Kellie Willms


Janet Amptman

Marj Castronova

Debra Heaton-Lamp

Shandy Melson

Deborah Ribnick

Nicole Thomte

Heidi Bank

Leslie Delacruz

Karen Jackson

Amanda Miller

Stephanie Robinson

Arline Zeidler

Dionne Bloomfield

Brittany Farrow

Alessandra Lanti

Jackson Nightshade

Jennifer Ross

Jenny Brenn

Linda Furbee

Kimberly Malloy

Janet Nordine

Kathy Schwerin

Janice Brown-Silveira

Yuni Gardner

Judith Mathews

Katie Peacock-Dutt

Carin Thomas


Anna Aasgaard

Paul W Frehner

Ronnie Lesser

Janet Robertson

DeeDee Souza

Laurene Allen

William Gunn

Rebecca MacKenzie

Ronnie C. Lesser 

Valerie Starr

Jillian Beverstock

Tia Hackett

Phyllis Mackey

George Samuels

Marilyn Wanyo

Amy Blanchard

Carol Hart

Christine McClure

Judith S Schachter

Sandra Woodworth

Amy Feitelson

Susan Lager

Mary McMahon

Forrest Seymour


Jennifer Abramson

Kathleen Breslin

Bridget Devine

Dara Duryea

Abisola Gallagher-Hobson

Russell Holstein

Andrew Lapides

Arlene Licata

Karen Marcus

Nancy McWilliams

Shira Nayman

Madelyn Petrow-Cohen

Richard Reichbart

Nansie Ross

Nancy Sell Byron

Kelly Stolberg

Norbert A Wetzel

Rhea Almeida

Karen Brook

Lara Dhingra

Marsha Ellias-Frankel

Sue Grand

Jack Kakolewski

Jay Lappin

Denise Long

Carol Marcus

Theresa Messineo

Margaret Nichols

Sueli Petry

Michelle Richardson

Susan Rovello

Dennis Sharkey

Lucy Takagi

Rob Whiteley

Scott Banford

Sherry Campbell

Laura Docherty

Jeff Ellias-Frankel

Lori Rayner Grossi

Michael Keren

Madonna Larsen

Lynne Lyon

Michael Mariano

Charlette Mikulka

Lynn O'Hara

Roger Plantikow

Jean Robinson

Jeffrey Rutstein

Karen Skean

Anna Tivade

Sanya Bari

Marla Cohen

Sylvia Dombey Pearl

Judith Ferlise

Susan Gutwill

Zaynab Khan

Christine Lee

Lisa Lyons

Jane Martin

Kathy Morelli

Rosemary Orocchi

Wendy Pollack

Marion Rollings

Carl Schwartz

Tamar Stern

Barbara Von Klemperer

Elizabeth Bond

Amy Cox-Martins

Susan Donnelly

Paul Fine

Susan Herman

Kerry Klett

Betty Lefer

Susan Mackinnon

Monica McGoldrick

Leah Morgan Anderson

Francine Perretta

Janet Randall

Barbara L Rosenberg

Burton N Seitler

Donna Sternbach

Miles Wagman


Bev Bucklew

Vanessa Haye

Diana Lightmoon

Laura Marshall, LISW

Jude Payne

Elizabeth S Tudor

Alex Calhoun

Lynn Hillas

Kelli Livermore

Louise Miller

Sarah Peace

Robin West

Anna Eder

Lisa Johnson

Joni MacCracken

Bernardo Monserrat

Karen Schaefer

Kirsten Wing

Emily Elizabeth

Lyn Jones

Carol MacHendrie

Margaret V Moore

Dario Silva

Michael Giannelli

Phyllis Leavitt

Merranda Marin

Bill O'Hanlon

Lacey Stewart


Miri Abramis

R Amin

Joseph Arleo

Carl Auerbach

Carol Bandini

Stephen Bauer

Joel Bergman

Rachel Blakeman

Carol Bloom

Michelle Brody

Emily Brunsten

Katharine J. Burns

Robert Campbell

Robyn Cirillo

Sheila Colon

Patricia Coughlin

Leslie Daly

Susan Deane-Miller

Eileen Donohue

Susan Edlis

Melanie Evans

Diane Firestone

Madge Flynn

Matt Fried

Irna Gadd

Joel Gavrie;le-Gold

Deborah Genninger

Andrea Gitter

Joel Gold

Geoff Goodman

Jo Grellong

Laura Haines

Susan Hans

Anton Hart

Claudia Heilbrunn

Sean Hershey

Steve Himmelstein

Jonathan House

Susan Jaffe

Patricia Jordan

Ami Kaplan

Carole Katz

Christen Kidd

Elizabeth Klein

Gary Krane 

Judith Kuskin

Gracie Landes

Claudia Lawrance

Mark Leonida

David Lichtman

David Longmire

Kathleen Lyon

Venus Mahmoodi

Courtney Manning

Patrick Meade

Jillian Miller

Marilyn Mishaan

Elsa Morse

Carol Munter

Nancy Napier

Anne Newman

Carole Okun

Wendy Panken

Lori Pellegrino

Eleanor Perlman

Michele Piccolo

Vicki Prusnofsky

Maria Ramos

Ricardo Rieppi

Tracy Robin

Marion Rosedale

Alina Rubinstein

Jill Salberg

Linda Scheffler

Lee Schneider

Jeremy Schwartz

Susan Shanley

Robert Shorin

George Simon

Hannah Smith

Karen Starr

Naemi Stilman

Kerry Sulkowicz

Katherine Surrence

Nina Thomas

Andre Toth

Marcus Tye

Martin Walker

Alice Weafer

Caitlin Welles

Patricia Williams

Neila Wyman

Stefan Zicht

Jose Alfaro

Jeanmarie Anderer

Judith Arnold

Nancy Auster

Jane Bardavid

Aviva Bauer

Robin Bezark

Eve Blatt

Susan Blum

Susan B Brown

Barbara Buloff

Carol Butler

Jennifer Candela

Judith Clarke

Antonieta Contreras

Jim Covington

Monique Dauphin

Ann Dercole

Kathryn Dove

Joyce Edward

Beth Falk

Jean Fitzpatrick

Cecilia Ford

Neil Friedman

Joseph Ganz

Daniel Gaztambide

Jill Gentile

Carol Glassman

Jane Gold

Michaele Goodman

Bruce Grellong

Jane Hall

Andrea Hara

Judy Hasnas

Arthur Heiserman

Mary Herzog

Wendy Hockenbary

Paul W. Howes

Gloria Jetter

Bin Kagedan

Navah C. Kaplan

Anita Katz

Carolyn Kilgus

Laura Kleinerman

Mary Kuhn

Lynne Kwalwasser

Sandra Jo Lane

Thomas Lawrence

Richard Levine

Rita Lieberman

Linda Longo-Lockspeiser

Susan Mac

Victoria Malkin

Jessica Masterson

Montie Meehan

Ian Miller

Marian Moldan

Lisa Moses

Kay Murphy

Elijah Nella

Anne Marie Norberto

Ellen Oler

Frank Pasquill

Samantha Peller

Rachel Perlman Szekely

Sandra Pine

Chris Pulleyn

Romy Reading

Barbara Rissman 

Barbara Robinson 2

Sylvia Rosenfeld

Thomas Rue

Judith Schaer

Rebeca Scherman

Amy Schneider

Leslie Schweitzer-Miller

Sue Shapiro

Aaron Shragge

Signe Simon-Coulter

Adrian Sohn

Anetta Stein

Linda Stone Fish

Elizabeth Sullivan

Caroline Flaster Taverner

Mary Tirolo

James Trainor 

Alex Valentine

Melissa Walker

Lois Wedin

Tnaya Weosman

Jacob Winkler

Danny Yeung

Douglas Zimmerman

Neil Altman

Merike Andre-Barrett

Lewis Aron

Irene Azar

Lucille Barish

Brenda Bauer

Rachel Bilgrei

Andrew Blatter

Phillip Blumberg

Cheryl Dolinger Brown

Michele Burger

Alita Buzel

Lauren Canonico

Philip Claus

Anita Convertino

Janice Creamer

Lorraine De Armitt

Deborah Desmairis

Patricia Dowds

Elizabeth Einstein

Kenneth Feiner

MaryAnn Fleischman

Peter Fraenkel

Paula Fries

Manuel Orlando García

Helen K. Gediman

Anna Ghizzani

Kate Glazer

Bianca Goldman

Larry B. Gorbel

Susan Griffin

Puja Hall

Adrienne Harris

Krista Hattemer

Jeri Heller

Frances Hickey

Joan Hoeberichts

Regina Hund

Charles Joanides

Marc Kaminsky

Ruth Karasik

Marlene Kaufman

Annette King

Michael Koski

Robert Kuisis

April Lang

Ima Leftywitz

Joan Levine

Justin Lioi

Shirley Luban

Carol Mackauf

Trish Malone

Margaret Mathews

Joanne Messina

Barbara Milrod

Cristina Moldow

Sally Moskowitz

Robin Murray

Joshua Nelson

Lynn Norman

Jo Oppenheimer

Flora Pearce

Susan Pelosi

Gerard Perna

Marcy Pollitt

Cheryl Qamar

Joseph Reiher

Lilo Rivera

Arlyne Rochlin

Ellen Roth

Lisa Sabath

Michelle Schaffner

Carolyn Scheutzow

Gerti Schoen

Mary Alice Scully

Bernard Shaw

Donna Silbert

Elena Skolnick

Frank Solano

Geoffrey Steinberg

Lisa Strayer

Martha A. Sullivan

Peter Taylor

Tuba Tokgoz

Linda Turner

Patricia Vitacco

Anna Waller

Margot Weinshel

David Wheelock

Jean Winne

Lela Zaphiropoulos

Sebastian Zimmermann

Sherry Amatenstein

Linda Arbus

Kiran Arora

Gail Bach

Vicky Barrios

Rivka Bekerman-Greenberg

Trisha Billard

Barbara Block

Catherine Boyer

Constance Brown

Suzanne Burger

David Byrom

Patricia Capers

Annie Coburn-Kane

Laura Cosgrove

Lex Curry

Cécile de Lardemelle

Nadine Diamond

Kate Dunn

Susan Eisenberg

Jay Feld

Crystal Fleming

Linda Franco

Muriel Frischer

Eugene Gardino

Janet Geller

Irene Gillman

Francine Godet

Virginia Goldner

Donna Gould

Amanda Gropp

Kate Halliday

Thrae Harris

Jennifer Haus

Aili Hermann

Kathe Hift

Marjorie Hornik

Dorothy Hyde

Amy Johnson

Dianne Kaminsky

Rachel Karliner

Robert Keisner

Alan Kintzer

Carol Kramer

Judith Kuppersmith

Vanessa Laird

Kitty LaPerriere

Lynn Leibowitz

Judy Levitz

Janet Lista

Rudy Lucas 

Susan MacNeil

Shreya Mandal

Heather Mayone Kiely

Linda Norment Meyer

Lauren Minear

Merle Molofsky

Ariel Mozeson

Lois Nachamie

Jeanne Newhouse

Maggie O'Connor

Sonia Orenstein

Flora Pearce

Carolyn Perla

Barbara Lee Pfendler Ruiz

Leide Porcu

Matthew Rachansky

Andrea Remez

Susan Roane

Camila Rodriguez

Kathy Rousseau

Caren Sacks

Diane Schank

Robin Schlenger

Karyn Schorr

Merav Segal

Donald Sheeley

Kenneth Silve

Laurie Slodounik

Sonal Soni

Zina Steinberg

Jonathan Strumpf

Sara Suman

Kathryn Tedeschi

Elizabeth Topitzer

Joan Turner

Bettina Volz

Lily Walman Blank

Howard Weiss

Jacob White

Jenna Witkowski

Lels Zaphiropoulos

Elizabeth Zuch

Jodi Ames-Frankel

Eric Arevalo

Joan Atwod

Catherine Baker-Pitts

Bob Bartlett

Billy Benson

Deborah Birnbaum

Dan Bloom

Fanny Brewster

Christine Bruckner

Ann Burke

Kathleen Calabrese

Alison Carper

Michele Cohen

Nancy Coughlin

Ann D'Ercole

Isak de Vries

Robert Doherty

DAna Dybner

Anne Erreich

Sheri Fenster

Angelica Flores-Arman

Valerie Frankfeldt

Merry Frons

Michael Garrett

Jacqueline Gemme

Aviva Gitlin

Gina Gold

Jeff Golland

Wendy Greenspun

Lucie Grosvenor

Naomi Hamby

Annie Harris-Kornblith

Debra Heath

Brook Hersey

Daniel Hill

Naaz Hosseini

Jonathan Jackson

Kristina Jones

Elizabeth Kandall

Beth Kastner

Luba Kessler

Carl Kleban

Leah Kramnick

Naama Kushnir Barash

Ellen Landau

John Lawless

Jennifer Leighton

Cari Lewis-Osborne

Janet Lobel

Margo Lundell

Cynthia Maguire

Cara Maniaci

Maud McLaughlin

Peter Mezan

Diane Mirabito

Wanda Morgan

Kate Muldowney

Leslie Nadler

Shira Newman

Renee Obstfeld

Marie Osterman

James Peel

Carol Perlman

Nancy Phelps

Leslie Prusnofsky

Therese Ragen

Cassandra Richmond

Diane Robbens

Aviva Rohde

Florence Rowe

Ann Saffi Biasetti

Linda Scheffler

Christine Schmidt

Michael Schwartz

Henry M. Seiden

Tazuko Shibusawa

Kenneth Silvestri

Bari Smelson

Katherine Spencer

Margo Steinfeld

Irene Studwell

Mary Ellen Summerville

Keeley Teemsma

Randi Torstenson

Joann Turo

Carol Wachs

Leslie Warfield

John Welch

Thomas Wildenger

Rebecca Wong

Carol Zeits


Mary Azoy

Shirley Brazda

Steven Buser

Leonard Cruz

Barbara Erb

Bonnie Gilliom

Lucille Keenan

Carmen Lentz

Dortch Mann

Lynn McLure

Erin Nowell

John Pharo

James Pryor

Liza Shaw

Elizabeth Waugh-Duford

Chelsea Bartel

Marty Brownlow

Diane Clark

Wivianny DeHaas

Elizabeth Field

Carol Greenberger

Kathy Kirstner

Carole Light

Ceil Mattingly

Kathy Murray

Karen Osborne-Rowland

Paula Pile

Allison Puryear

Hal Shigley

John White

Terry Blanken

Lorrie Brubacher

Ellen Condelli

Kit Didericksen

Barb Gau

Jennifer Hodgson

Nancy Kotz

Danielle Liotta-DInner

Adrienne Maurin

Cindy Myron

Morgan Parliente

Judith Powell

Gregory Queen

Anna Stanley

Katherine Zinn

Natalie Boorman

Laura Bryan

Bennett Cotten

Susan Eder

Marcia Gelman

Cynthia Hughes

Matthew Leary

Linda Makinson

Katie Maxwell

Chris Neuenfeldt

Chandra Passero

Patricia Powell Hundley

Mike R

Michelle Topal

Deborah Zuver

Belinda Boscardin

Chris Burris

DeWitt Crosby

Ginger Edwards

Joe Gilbert

Susan I. Hunt

Jeanne Lemkau

Connie Maney

James McCracken

Elizabeth Norman

Leslie Petruk

Betty Pristera

Erin Sesemann

Susan Underhill


Ana Huerta Lopez

Nnenna Lindsay





Carl B

Jane Cohen

Leigh Finkel

Fern J. Grunberger

JIll Klingler

Renee McCallion

Kathleen Rosen

Jeremy Shapiro

Steph Wells

Stephanie Beltz

Chad Corbley

Howard Fradkin

Julie Herron

Lonna Larger

David Meadows

Suza Ruff

Susan E Smith

Carl West

Sara Blakeslee Salkil

Lance Curtis

Michael Freedman

Frances Hofmeister

Ronald Levant

Peg Meis

Nancy Sakmar

Laura Smith-Morelock

Theodore Williams

Elizabeth Brady-Toomey

Cynthia Downing

Joanne Frick

Suzanne Hoskin

Alonna Makinson

Susan Padrino

Maggie Sampr

Kenneth Teitlebaum

Barbara Williamson

Norman Clemens

Barbara Feinberg

Murray Goldstone

Lynda Kemp

Patricia Martin

David Riley

Erin Schaefer

Jan Warner

Christina Womacks


Kay Brown

Lynda Jacobs

Kelly Roberts

Rita Crockett

Michael Meister

Cal Stoltenberg

Carol Ann Drummond

Sherry Oliver

Sharon Varnum

Elizabeth Fletcher

Matthew Osborn

Annie Heartfield Hartzog

Mary Parker


Anne Allanketner

Anne Bryant

Kari Carroll

Chalaina Connors

Grant Crowley

Beverley Duke-Young

Donald Gordon

Blendine Hawkins

Annalisa Nicole Ivey

Jennifer Kind

Jane Lincoln

Marcia Michaels

Johanna Rayman

Barbara Segal

Heather Stein

Katje Wagner

Kathryn Williams

Vicki Zeitner

Dora Angevine

Tracy Bryce Farmer

Mauri Castle Myers

Lacy Coopet

Lara Simone D'Amore

Stephen Emerson

Shawn Graham

Erica Hernandez

Annika Johnson

Jennifer Kleskie

Robin Magdahlen

Holly Morseman

Lark Ryan

Rev. Danahy Sharonrose

Samantha Stephens

Marjorie Walters

Laura Wrzesinski

Kathryn Zerbe

Karla Baur

Angela Buckwalter

Renee Cavanagh

Healohamele Cordeiro

Duane Dale

Bridget Geraghty

Jolie Guillebeau

Rita Hill

Andrea K

Mike Kohler

Mark Masterson

Colleen Odell

Noelle Savatta

Jean Shirkoff

Jeff Todahl

Michele Warner

Mary Jayne Wykowski

Erin Berk

Laurie Burke

Diana Martha Clark

Sari Coven

Malia Delohery-Dart

Alison Goldstein

Kathy Hardie-Williams

Kelli Holloway

Jim Kelley

Paula Levinrad

Lindsay McGrath

Linda Orange

Lauren Saville

Rae Sidlauskas

Micki Turner

Chuck Weisser

Carol Zancanella

Hal Brown

Roger Carlson

Gwenn Cody

Nicole Craig

Nadia Delshad

Norene Gonsiewski

Sarah Hardin

Roy Huggins

Jennifer Kepler

Tina Lilly

Amy McKelvey

Carol Penn

Anna Schaum

Margot Standeven

Kristen Tussey

Ruth Wells

Bethany Zander


Raja Abbas

Marquita Bolden

Jan Carey

Howard Covitz

Mary Eno

Tricia Ferrara

John Frank

Nancy Gerber

George Grim

Margaret Hogan

Jack Jessup

William Krowinski

Sio Mac

Frances Martin

Gregory Milbourne

Edie Moser

Elanah Naftali

Sydney Pulver

Philip Rosenbaum

Stacey Salamon

Natasha Serrano

Kirsti Stark

Gerald Tieman

Barbara Turk

Stacey Wettstein

Deena Adler

Scott Browning

Emily Chernicoff

Jan Cuva-Primmer

Kimberly Ernest

Jill Fischer

Elio Frattaroli

Sally Gever

Lorraine Groses

Eugene Homan

Liz Kamens

Susan Landau

Carol Maderer

Virginia McIntosh

Carol Moran

Michael Mosko

Robin Nicole

Lucy Raizman

Dorothy Rosenbluth

Gauri Saxena

Barbara Shapiro

Amanda Strine

Jennifer Tieman

Elizabeth Venart

Teresa Williams

Thomas A Bartlett

Steffie Buerk

Jayne Chianelli

Jaclyn Deem

Maryellen Evers

Ralph Fishkin

Robin Freedman

Valerie Glauser

Vikki Hanchin

Janet Horwitz

Liz Kelly

Bruce Levin

Kevin Maness

Patricia McIntyre

Paula Moreci

Rachel Mowery

Deborah Owens

Tracy Richards

Kathleen Ross

Silvi Saxena

Beth Silver

LJ Sullivan

Ellen Toplin

Shimon Waldfogel

Harriet Zilber

Douglas Behan

Julie Buttram

Autumn Marie Chilcote

Mickie Diamond

Robert Fauber

Lana Fishkin

Kayta Gajdos

Shelley Goodman

Donna Harris

Quintin Hunt

Robin Kevles-Necowitz

Albert Lichtenstein

Kalie Marino

Laura Michaels

Dominic Morollo

Nancy Mramor 

Katherine Pickett

Heidi Roeder

Kevin Roth

Carol Schaefer

Julie M. Simonson

Harmony Sullivan

Marlo Torrelli

Richard Webb

Pamela Biddle

Christine Byma

Joseph Cipko

Stephanie Drabble

Michael Feinberg

Amy Fleming

Ellen Garbuny

Robert Griffin

Linda Hershman

Hannah Jacobson

Stephanie Kitain

Wade Luquet

Abigail Martin

Patricia MikolsPhil

Audrey Morrow

Ann Muczynski

Marilyn Potts

Atlene Rosen

Susan Ryan

Robert H. Schmidt

Sandra M. Speicher

Lee Ann Thill

Sarah Trotta

Brian Welch


Jerome Adams

Pam Grocer

Dorie Lawson

Margaret Wool

Michael Castaldi

Sally Hay

Clare Sartori

Richard Chartier

Laurie Hicks

Wm. Brooks Saul

Linda Ciolfi

Ros Johnson

Deborah Siegel

Henri Flikier

Kate Josephson

Laurie Stein


Lisa Bridgewater

Elizabeth Grund

Teri Kahn

Christina Morrison

Joseph Watterson

Ryan Carlson

Eric Hartley

Dorree Lynn

Kenneth Phelps

Beverly Wright

Rebecca Denslow

David Heatherly

Meredith Lyons-Crews

Cynthia Plasters

Eugenia Felsinger

Farrah Hughes

Deborah Marcet

Maureen Porter

Charles Goldman

Yvonne Jones

Erin Morgan McGill

Lara Sheehi


Amber Lonsdale

Andrew McDade

Mary Pat Mueller

Connie Sweatman



James Bitter

Carol Donalson

Stephen Herbes

Jamie Kyne

Connie Robinson

Ben Vos

Joyce Cartor

Rebekah Doreau

Samantha Hogan

Betsy Mandel-Carley

Merilee Sanders

Marisa Whitley

Julie Cousin

Edward Doreau

Hampton Howell

Sandra Martin

Barbara Sanders

Stephanie Zalaskus

Alana Dellatan Seaton

Cynthia Ezell

Paul Johnson

Teri Murphy

Nicole Saylor

Irina Diyankova

Chris Gonzalez

Sid Johnson

Donna Renner

Michael Sterling


Elizabeth Arnold

Mary Bittle

Paula Buls

Julie Colantonio

Christa Coulston

Suzanne Feiler

Lupita Goller

Kate Harrington

Mary Hoofnagle

Asha Jane

Dave Kaplowitz

Cele Knight

Alicia Locke

Allen Mallory

Marsha McDonough

Lizza Montes

Jennifer Newquist

Deborah C. Peel, MD

Amanda Reagan

Frank Rodden

Deborah Sharp

Vicki Tidwell Palmer

Diana Walla

Victoria Wing

Dorothy Barra

Michelle Bohls

Sara Bushey-Reyes

Randy Collins

Paige Cunningham

Alejandra Galindo

Valerie Granoff

Emily Harrington

Rachel Howard

Sarah Janosik

Elizabeth Katz

Patricia Koch

Renée Brooks Lofaso

Carolyn C. Martin

Alicia McNany

Victoria Montgomery

Amanda Norcross

Megan Pollock

Mary Anne Reed

Ellen Safier

Kevin Snow

Angelica Tratter

Laura Wallace

Mary G Yancy

Vicki Bates

Rebecca Bowers

Jessica Chang

Shirley Cornett

Ryan Curran

Brenda Gandara

Fred Griffin

Rowan Hartin

Shannon Huggins

Michael Johnson

Susan Kaye

Juliana Kunz

Elisabeth Love

Lupita Martinez-Goller

Melissa McVicker

Yvonne Morgan

Jason Northrup

Suzanne Quenette

Tania Rendon

Tamara Salas-Tull

Alana Spiwak

Cheryl Underhill

Becca Wang

Dutch Berkley

Greg Brooks

Janet Civitelli

Connie Cornwell

Annette DelCanto-Ellingtno

Annie Garcia

Eleanor D. Hamilton

William H. Hartman

Adele Hurst

Susan Jones

Patricia Keoughan

Claudia-Ivette Lampl

Matthew Magruder

Sarah Faehnle Mast

Lisa Means

Sarah Munoz

Mary Orndorff

Nina Quintana

Lindsey Rene

Mary Sanger

Jeff Stellmach

Martha Vogel

Jennifer Wilhelm

Jason Berman

Gretchen Browne

Barbara Clark

David Cory

James Dickie

Jaime Goff

Shannon Haragan

Maureen Michelle Hawn

Samantha Jaffe

Catheleen Jordan

Deborah Kirkland

Peter Lehmann

Katie Malinski

LaDon Matthys

M Grayson Miller

Wanda Needleman

Candyce Ossefort-Russell

Annia Raja

Terry Richter

Holly Scofield

K V Threlfall

Susan Wade

Jenifer Williams


Judith Barnard

Craig Demke

Esther Israel

Ann Lazerus

Brigg Noyes

Richard Segal

Jania Sommers

Michelle Wilcox

Shauna Bradley

Monica Florez

Philip Johnson

Karen Malm

Toni Pegues

Janet Sessions

Jim Struve

Mallory Wolfgramm

John Christensen

Carol Gross

Karen Kindred

Melece Meservy

Cassie Quick

Jen Shields

Nancy Sutton

Andrea Young

Melanie Cox

Rhonda Haies Maylett

Christy Kobe

Cari Morphet

Rachael Ringwood

David Shirley

Rachel Tamos

Ani Zakaryan

Karen Crist

Donna Hawxhurst

Jody Laird-Doner

Lisa Mountain

Alice Roberts

Cynthia Shumway

Mark White


Thomas Barritt

Coleen Lawlor

Jean Pollock

JoEllen Tarallo-Falk

Marcia Bedig


Marc Richter

Karen Vedus

Evelyn Susan Gerretson

Kathy Lehn

Marc Richter

Marc Werner-Gavrin

Diane T Gottlieb

Virginia Logan

Margaret Sax

Sherrill Wilson

Robert Keith

Diane Montgomery-Logan

Paula Sistare

Rachel Zamore


Anne Aja

Susan Buniva

Mary Butler

Angeles de Leon

Lia Ferrell

Karen Gill

Bruce James

Mark Loewen

Beverly Magida

Dana Nelson

Mary OMeara

Jeff Schlichter

Melissa Sporn

Christine Walker

Sharon Williams

Joyce Allan

Robyn Burdette

David Canter

Carolyn Maurer DeVilbiss

Tara Fregin Moss

Rona Hitlin-Mason

Beverly Joyce

Anne Lohr

Rosana Marzullo-Dove

Rachel North

Mel Rolfes

Kathy Simpson

Steven Steiner

Ellen Warren 

Lauren Yoder

Sarah Ruth Ball

Brenda Burgner

Alexa Casey

Glory Dierker

Carol Frick

Sharon Hoover

Gail Kalin

Susan Lyle

Marlena McEachron

Kevin Ogle

David Rosenberg

Katherine Smith

Kip Thompson

Wendy Werner

Billy Benson

Catherine Burke

Robin Cohen

Carolyn Dozier

Erin Gaudreault

Glenda Hottle

Wendi Kaplan

William Lyne

Jim McKinley-Oakes

Miriam Olack

Loretta G. Rowe

Lenali Smith

Sonya Thompson Halsey

Jane Whitaker

F. Elizabeth Brooker

William Butler

Alice Conner

Julie Emmett

Eliana Gil

Andrea Iglesias

Katherine Kilcher

Norine Lyons

Gloria Mog

LuAnn Oliver

Kelly Scharver

Allison Splaun

Paul Tomey

Roy Wilensky


Christy Adams

Michael Allison

Michelle Barenchi

Laura S Brown

Deborah Chun

Carol Conrad

Paul David

Lauren Drake

Stephanie Eldringhoff

Steven Fenwick

Patricia Gabreski

Kerry Grant

Rae Ann Hahn

Carol Henry

Jaymie Johnston

Michael Knight

Ann Lazaroff

MaryHelen Lewis

Victoria Livingston

Teresa Maples

John McDonald

Melanie Morlan

Janys Murphy

Gerald Oncken

Susan K Peterson

Sherry Register

Noah Rubinstein

Anna Satenstein

Robin Shapiro

Pamela Skiver

Charla Soriano

Reid Stell

Kristina Taylor

Jim Webster

Laura Winds

Eve Wright

Anthony Aguiluz

Kris Anacker

Robin Barre

Lillian Buchanan

Ellen Cleary-Penninger

Jenny Cooke Malstrom

Michelle Desmond

Nancy Drake

Mark Ellestad

Kathy Finley

Betsy Gast

G. Dorsey Green

Anna Hansen

Duncan Hollomon

Mary Kelleher

Margy Kotick

Mark Lazich

Le Lin

Rachel LK

Kristen Martinez

Laura Meehan

Ed Morrison

Joel Nofziger

Kelly Pattison

Christopher Pryde

Sandra Renner

Kelly Rundle

Erica Sawyer

Erran Sharpe

Margaret Smith

Robyn Sowers

Denise Sterchi

Lori VanderBilt

Marija Welton

Terrance Wolf

Katherine Yost

Laura Akhavan

Anne Armstrong

Julia Berreth

Parke Burgess

Piyale Comert

Kathryn Cox

Brenda Dorsey

Myrna Dunlop

Tina Ensminger

Avery Fisher

Melinda Gelder

Carl Greenberg

Laurey Hansen-Carl

Laura Humpf

Melissa Kennedy

Denise Krouse

Matt Leibsohn

Jennie Lindberg

Sandi MacIntosh

Aleta Mattaino

Laura Miller

Alison Munoff

Alfred Nye Jr

Stephanie Pattison

Trip Quillman

Elizabeth Robinson

Michael Ryan

Tina Schermer Sellers

Joseph Shaub

Amber Smith

Jamie Spiro

Cristien Storm

Sally von Erffa

Shelley White

Diane Wolman

Phyllis Aldrich

Joan Aston

Holly Blue

David Calof

Hallie Condit

Kathryn Crabb

Debra Douglas

Marilyn Eash

Erin Eramia

Agnes Forras

William Goodman

Michael Gundle

Nancy Haver

Beth Jenson

Taya King

David Lambert

Jessica Leith

Lemecia Lindsey

Charlotte Malkmus

Sarah McCoy

Ronda Montgomery

Kate Munson

Brian O'Connor

Stephanie Perceful

Susan Radant

Victoria Rockholt

Jane Ryan

Rebecca Schiltz

Karen Sheridan

Barbara Solomon

Sharon Stanley

Mary Stowell

Kendra Wagner

Michael Whitehead

Rebekah Woods

Cara Alexander

Sara Baldwin

Michele Boudreau Deegan

Aimee Chaille

Hallie Condit

Kathleen Daughenbaugh

J Dowson

Judy Eekhoff

Jacquelyn Felicia

Larry Freeman

Joshua Goodman

Shyam Gupta

Robert Heavner 

Katherine Jessop

Jeffrey Kisling

Rene Laventure

Dorothy Lemoult

Patricia Lindstadt

Tina Mansfield

Tara McDonald

Peter Moore

Kathryn Munson

Kathy Offner

Neal Perrine

Cherie Rawlins

Melody Romeo

Diana Sanford

Candace Schmidt

Suzanne Simon

Morgan Sontag

Patricia Starr

Teresa Sweeney

Tracie Walsh

Sue Wiedenfeld

Barbara Woodworth


Kathy Aguirre

Rachel Dash

Stacy Garcia

Perry Stanley



Rhonda Bryhn

Sarah J. Ford

Susan Knower

Bridget Mayer

Joanna Parker

Amber Rusch

Stephanie Steinman

Michelle Waide

Myrna Casebolt

Richard Frank

Cathryn Kriss

Denise Mohr

Howard Patterson

Cathy Ryan

Barb Suick

Robert Welker

David Dati

Maureen Genevich

Jan Kwiatkowski

Azad Mtunzi

Lucy Pirner

Kathleen Schiltz

Gerald Thomas

Ron Welsch

Carol Delfosse

Mary Griffith

Valerie Laabs-Siemon

William Mulcahy

Amy Plum

Maria Shea

Terry Trepper

Peter R. Whitis

Jessica Ford

Gurdon Hamilton

Virginia Linabury

David Ogren

John Reitan

Rachel M Slough-Johnson

Erika Wagner-Martin

Joseph Wielgosz


Marilyn Montville

Judith Naginey




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